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There’s something you don’t know about yourself ...

Women have eyed you off, talked to their friends about you and thrown you bones of interest … but you’ve been oblivious to the signs.


Because you’re not tuned into her frequency for love.

Sounds a bit woo woo, I know, but just hear me out …

A High Value Male is already within you. He’s the confident, solid, self aware, assertive & masculine man who exudes an energy so powerful, that a woman can feel him before she sees him.

If you’re letting your fear of rejection get in the way of everything you do, you're blocking women from being able to get to you.

From her being able to connect to your heart.

I work with men day in day out who are so closed off emotionally, that they think it’s the women with the problem … or their looks are letting them down … or that they’re just someone who’ll never find the woman of their dreams.

But what it is? What it REALLY is?

Is your ENERGY!

It’s what you project to her in how you walk, talk & act that decides your success with finding & connecting with the woman of your dreams.


Are You Leaning Too Far Forward Or Too Far Back?

A woman is most engaged with a man who’s present in the moment.

He’s neither here nor there about a woman’s opinion of him – he’s just with her in that moment being funny, engaging and focused on her.

And when he’s not, he’s focused on himself and his own pursuits.

When you lean too far forward towards a woman (pandering, being too nice to make her like you, texting too much & being too available), she’ll pull away.

On the opposite extreme, if you lean too far back (be aloof, talk to her like a mate, have surface level conversations, be emotionally unavailable), she’ll think you’re not interested & move on ... or get needy and insecure with you.


A High Value Male Knows The Dance

He leans forward a little, like pedaling a bike. And then he leans back, letting the bike glide down the road while he rests.

So he takes action, he leads and drives the relationship in the right direction … and then he sits back & chills out, letting the woman respond to him.

He’s very ‘self centric’ in that he doesn’t get rattled by a woman’s (or anyone else’s) behaviour. He’s at the point in his life where he doesn’t feel insecure or second guess himself if a woman’s being flaky or emotional.

Instead, he goes about his life and does what he wants … knowing that the right woman will slide right up next to him and it’ll be easy.


A High Value Male Knows How To Handle Women

Understand what makes a woman tick, and life will get WAY easier for you!

When men treat women like men & then get frustrated when we don’t act like a man (but also don’t feel attraction for us when we do) ... he fails to experience the deep connection he could have with a woman if he just tuned in.

Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

A HVM understands that women are emotional beings. He doesn’t run & hide at the first sign of struggle or conflict. He faces it assertively, stands his ground if he needs to … but also knows that for a woman to feel safe with him, he needs to be that safe place for her.

Because if he’s not, he’ll continue to block attraction & create drama.


A High Value Male Values Himself FIRST!

He’s done the inner work.

The first step to finding & having an amazing relationship with a woman is clearing your inner shit. Those memories, fears, insecurities and resentments that sit like 250kg weights on your shoulders.

I’ve seen client’s looks completely change within in a week of doing this work. They’re suddenly super attractive and getting attention that they’d NEVER had before.

I have one client in a town of 8000 people who still has 9 women chasing him. He’s at the point of deciding which one he wants.


Because we cleared years of limiting beliefs about who he is. He made peace with a critical father, built up his self worth … and projects that like a big beaming beacon.

Which Of These Obstacles Are You Going Through Right Now?

  • You stay away from women because the risk of rejection is too great
  • You feel uncomfortable in yourself and wish you were more confident
  • You overthink how you think women see you (and how you see yourself)
  • You struggle with your emotions and self esteem because you have critical parents/sibilngs/friends
  • You’ve been hurt badly in the past and want to heal from those experiences
  • You use the excuse that you’re 'shy' to avoid engaging with women (or anyone)
  • You feel lonely & isolated

If you answered 'YES' to any of these, read on, things are about to get interesting!

By Joining The Mastermind You Will Learn How To ...

  • Naturally talk to women & ask them on dates without even thinking about it
  • Get better jobs, change your lifestyle and have more direction in your life
  • See yourself as sexy, desirable, masculine and strong
  • Look in the mirror at yourself & be full of pride of who you see staring back at you
  • Understand the psychology of women so you can make them feel amazing in your presence
  • Set boundaries around what you will & won’t tolerate when a woman is testing you
  • Lean back and let them come to you
  • Know how to read women and their motivations & manipulations so you can navigate conflict
  • Be socially confident and make friends with like minded guys who share the same sense of humour, goals and ways of being
  • Understand universal laws and how to ‘bend your reality’ to get everything you want
  • Calm your ‘monkey brain’ so you stop overthinking and feel centered in yourself in every situation
  • Step further into your masculine energy & understand how it dances with the feminine
  • Learn how to use Law of Attraction in mindblowing ways that’ll have you scratching your head & wondering how that happened

What Happens In The High Value Male Mastermind?

Every month you get lessons & a fortnightly group call to help you grow at a rapid rate (I’ve had many clients find the love of their lives within weeks of working with me).

The mindset tools I teach will change the way you think, feel & behave which will change your results dramatically.


You get 11 years & $80,000 worth of learning & experience wrapped up into simple, understandable information that’s easy to digest and adopt.

The tools & activities have been carefully designed based on their proven effectiveness and come from a variety of modalities such as Psychology, Meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuroscience, Law of Attraction, Relationship Dynamics, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Persuasion & Communication and so much more!

Here's What You Get

  • Weekly video modules
  • Weekly activity sheets
  • A live group call every second Monday night
  • Group support
  • A monthly 1hr 1:1 session through Messenger with me


Here’s A Snapshot Of What You Will Learn;

  • 8 Damaging Beliefs that sabotage your efforts with women & push them away (each of these lower your social value and if you don’t stop them, you’ll struggle to sustain a relationship)
  • 5 demons from your past to make peace with to allow more love & fun in (this simple shift will change your face, posture and entire view of yourself … AND how she sees you)
  • The psychology of every relationship issue, drama & bust up which kept you in Low Value Male territory. You’ll get mind blowing insights into why they didn’t work (and how to never do them again).
  • How to integrate High Value Male traits into your inner essence so you can completely be your best self in the presence of any woman
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or ‘tapping’) scripts that help you break patterns of insecurity & fear and replace them with total confidence & calm when dating
  • Clarify your boundaries, desires and goals in your relationships with women (and how to convey that in your non verbal communication so that women pick up on it & respond accordingly)
  • How to project your most killer personality traits so you’re the life of the party (without being an attention seeker)
  • The 10 minute daily ritual you MUST do to cultivate the behaviours of a HVM so they become natural and effortless.
  • How to delay immediate gratification and think in ‘long game’ terms so that your emotions stay stable and you’re always in control of yourself.
  • 10 distinct behaviours to bridge your connection with women much faster & have them SEE YOU as a HVM
  • The 5 other HIDDEN traits of a HVM & how to cultivate them without constantly monitoring yourself
  • The dance between your masculine & feminine energy & how to use both to POWERFULLY pull her in (yes, feminine energy, when used correctly by men, will make her weak at the knees)
  • How to ‘lean back’ and receive adoration, attention and love from women with gratitude
  • How to change your words & sentence structures so they demonstrate intent & you ‘sell’ yourself to her effortlessly
  • The 6 steps to intentional dating. How INSTANTLY snap into the right mindset to ask her out so she says ‘YES!’
  • The "5 second rule"-where I show you what to be thinking when you first meet her so that she feels instantly safe and magnetically drawn to you...


About Ainsley

It was 2004 and I was at the Walkabout Pub in Shepherd's Bush, London on a busy Saturday night. I spot this guy & think to myself, 'I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna go & talk to him'.

So I stroll up to him, he looks at me, waiting for something. And I blurt out, 'I don't know what to say to you' ... and he says to me, 'Just talk' and I say, 'I can't' and rush off back to my mates.

Then I got so drunk I started annoying him ... needless to say things didn't work out for me and strange guy at the Walkabout.

THAT'S when I knew I needed to do something about my insecurities ... about my fears of approaching and interacting with men. So I studied, read books and worked to improve my confidence.

Then in 2009 I started Edge of Attraction ... and to be honest, my intentions were selfish. I felt that if I helped MEN with their dating life, then it'd help me understand men better. But it did so much more; it made me realise that despite the obvious physical differences & our masculine & feminine energies, we ALL go through the same stuff, have the same fears, needs & desires.

And I wanted to be the bridge between you and your ideal woman so you can experience the happiness you deserve.

So in the last 9 years I've helped guys just like you bounce back from a break up, get along with their ex for the sake of their kids, pick themselves off the floor after abuse, overcome anxiety & depression, date with confidence and find the woman of their dreams.

I've studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, various Psychology courses and spent a lot of time understanding the fundamentals of Law of Attraction, Neuroscience, Relationship Dynamics, Persuasive Communication & so much more!

So everything in this program is high quality, mind blowing and will help you get the woman you really want!

And This Will Be Your Results

  • A girlfriend or amazing partner who slides right into your life and feels like you’ve known her forever
  • The ability to engage with and interact with any woman with total confidence
  • Strong self love and belief in yourself that you project fearlessly
  • You’ll stop giving a shit what anyone thinks of you
  • Complete healing and forgiveness for what people (exes) have done to you in the past
  • You’ll feel lighter, happier & more positive than you’ve felt in years
  • A clear direction of your life so you know where you’re headed and what you need to do to get there
  • The ability to stabilise your emotions
  • Tools that will calm your anxiety, depression and negative emotions so they dissipate & you feel more confident than you’ve ever felt in your life
  • Multiple dates with women so you learn what you like & don’t and can navigate the dating world confidently
  • Conscious dating – where you use your experiences on dates to build your confidence & self esteem

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Locked Into A Contract?

No. You can opt out at any time with no explanation needed.


How Long Will This Work Take Me Every Week?


The modules won’t take more than an hour & the group calls are an hour (depending on how many show up). Anything you do outside of that is the most vital work ... and that’s mindset work, getting into the ‘field’ and practicing your skills and using what you learn to grow and improve.


Do I Have To Show Up To Every Call?

Nope. Calls will be recorded so you can watch them back and you can leave me with questions you want answered on the call. 


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